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Ariel East's Bad Glass Problem

Ariel East and Ariel West, the twin Extell developments rising at 99th Street on the Upper West Side, get their moment in the sun in an NYT article today examining the downzoning arguments. But a tipster notes a graver problem with the facade of Ariel East, seen above:

Thought you might like to see some pictures of the rather ugly facade going up (at record speed, I might add) at Ariel East. The glass curtains are very wavy and look like the tinted windows on my high-school boyfriend's El Camino--and very little like the website rendering. For now though, I like the style of the building. This week it grew taller than the surrounding buildings, but the setback makes it fairly unobstrusive and it doesn't seem grossly out of proportion with what's around it.

The Corcoran site shows zero sold so far. Anyone have inside poop if this is true or not?Add this to the Curse of the Unbuildable Rendering—exhibit one, BLUE. Other nominees? (After the jump, a full context view of Ariel East.)
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