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S.I. Track Scuffle Update: Hug, Not a Headlock

Analysis of the headlock heard 'round the boroughs continues apace, as the Times as well as's very own correspondent weigh in on the scuffle that highlighted last week's hearing on the proposed Staten Island racetrack south of the Goethals Bridge. Both sides would like you to know that it was more of a hug than a headlock. Michael Printup of track developer International Speedway Corp. said, "That wasn't a headlock at all. It was a hug for the TV cameras. It wasn't a near riot," but Councilman Andrew Lanza, who opposes the project, added: "A guy put a bearhug on me, threatening me while guys standing in front of him were urging him, 'Punch him in the face. Hit him.'" Aren't you glad that's settled?
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