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Rumblings Mini-Update: Second Ave. and 74th Carnage

An excellent follow-up to a Rumbling from a few weeks back: the Post's Steve Cuozzo digs into the mass restaurant and retail closings on Second Avenue between 74th and 75th Streets:

Recent interlopers Dunkin' Donuts and sweet shop Maggie Moo's thinned the culinary cream a bit. Then, wham! World Wide, which plans a 30-plus-story apartment project, took control of the southern blockfront. Last week, two Irish places and the bagel shop shuttered. Zucchero e Pomodori will serve its last meals on Mother's Day and reopen May 17 in a space up the block less than half its current size. Meanwhile, Persepolis, famed for Fensenjoon chicken in walnut-pomegranate sauce, is bravely hanging in.
There's some glorious comedy we can't do justice to here, so do read the whole thing.
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