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Bronx Botanical Garden Bows Polshek's Pfizer

Press releases often bore us, but one that comes with this snazzy architectural photo of the Polshek Partnership's (they of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock) new Pfizer Plant Research Lab at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx earns our attention. Sez the prose:

The Pfizer Plant Research Laboratory, a two-story, light-filled, 28,000 square-foot “state-of-the-art” science lab, will house the latest equipment in scientific research for molecular systemics and plant genomics. The facility will be the largest and finest laboratory in any botanical garden in the United States and completes the campus of the Garden’s International Plant Science Center, which has a total of 7.2 million specimens and is used extensively by botanical researchers worldwide.All well and good, but the news you can use is this: the lab will be open for tours to the public from May 16-21. Scientists toil while you stroll by; free gene splicing on the house.
· Pfizer Plant Research Lab opens May 16 [New York Botanical Garden]
· Pfizer Plant Research Lab [Polshek Partnership] BONUS: More Bronxy love from the Times on a renaissance along the borough's "elegant boulevard," the Grand Concourse.