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Ask Curbed: Will Scaffolding Ever Die?

This outraged email is loosely related to the big advertecture contest, but it definitely deserves its own darn discussion thread (alliteration?so hot right now). A Curbed reader has had it up to here with seemingly permanent scaffolding, and he wants to know what's up with that whack BS:

My apologizes if this has been addressed already but is it just me or are there scaffolding permits being taken just to put up advertising? I see an awful lot of scaffolding that has no construction associated with it and is up for month (or what seems like years). A few locations of note: - Southwest corner of Houston and Broadway (It's been there for years) [Ed.?pictured]
- East side of Lafayette between Bond and Great Jones
- Northwest corner of 4th St and Bowery

The last example makes it look pretty obvious, they build a very large structure to support advertising and there is no evidence of any construction in the future. Is there a broker that gets building owners to take out bogus building permits for a premium to build these monstrosities? They really are an eyesore and they make me nervous.

Yeah, so does anyone have any idea what's up with scaffolding that refuses to go away even when there's no work being done? We'd love to hear your thoughts (and by "hear your thoughts" we mean "see your words") on the topic, so comment away.
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