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Subtle Cruelty in Duane Reade Design

Blogger Velvet Sea is performing a brave service to the Upper East Side/Yorkville community by uncovering grave injustices in the quirky layouts of retail locations around the neighborhood, especially those that reveal glaring scars of their former life. Take the Duane Reade at 86th St. and 1st Ave., where this photo was shot:

It's a pretty wide column, maybe 4 feet; a larger person with bus driver arms would not be able to reach in or get into the Dove shampoo and conditioner section. A handicapped person could not get in there. It's really discrimination and it must be stopped. Nobody wants to see someone get wedged in there until the fire department comes with the jaws of life just because they want conditioner with moisture pearls. Short armed fat people need the good shampoo too! For more quirkiness amid the toiletries, see what happened when they made a movie theater into another drugstore down 86th near Lexington. Plus, more cruel column placement at a new CTown farther north.
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· Quirky NYC Store Layouts- Duane Reade 86th/1st [Velvet Sea]