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Urban Blog Du Jour: Infrastructure is Like Computer Cables

We were tempted to overlook the unfortunately named Poland-Korea Relations Blog until we absorbed some of its quirky urban bloggy goodness. We give it a minimum of one hearty post-lunch ha ha, if not more. Consider the following priceless take on NYC infrastructure:

America's infrastructure is falling apart...Let's take electric poles for instance. These sticks of decomposing wood are holding up the power lines everywhere in the US. Many countries have upgraded to underground wiring or concrete poles. Not America..All the power lines and highways and railways leading up to NY are tangled up in a mess, in the same way that all the cords to my computer are tangled up underneath my desk. If I had to change one of these cords it would take me forever to untangle them first.Also check out video gems such as "Inside the Subway Tunnel," "Life on Bedford Avenue" and "Emil Judges Hiri's Underwear." You saw it here first.
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