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Hot Dudes Are Moving to Harlem

Some more grist for the Harlem, Hot or Not? mill (currently churning in today's Development Du Jour comments): A breathless booster, seeking to settle the issue, sends the news of a big deal in The Lenox (rendered right).

One major encouraging sign that Harlem’s ready to make the leap forward is the purchase just this week of the most expensive condominium to-date in Harlem: A 3000 square foot, $2.4 million dollar triplex penthouse with a 1000 square foot private terrace at The Lenox Condominium.

The purchaser, who is moving up to Harlem from the famed Ansonia, is a high-powered downtown real estate attorney and one of the city's most eligible bachelors.

Seven other condos going for over $1 million dollars have also sold at The Lenox, as have apartments at 51 St. Nicholas and 125 Central Park North. In total, at least 19. Not a ground swell, but signs indicating -- if not confirming -- Harlem's place as a viable luxury lifestyle community.Mind you, this is raw, unverified info, but we are willing to bet this: the Bachelor probably learned about The Lenox from one of the partners.
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