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Junior's Times Square Confusion Spares Tourists Road Rage

Junior’s Times Square outpost is causing confusion among the tourists. There is no other way to explain the priceless scene conveyed by Eater of the group of Midwestern visitors that concluded they were on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn when actually standing in Times Square in full view of a half-dozen Broadway theaters. The tourists, however, missed the New York Anger Management Moment with which blogger extrawack continued:

I heard some screams and noticed a black SUV limo come flying up the shoulder around the two legitimate lanes, hitting puddle after puddle, splashing matinee theatre-goers all the way…He actually steered the driver's side wheels up onto the sidewalk to get around some traffic, causing sidewalkers to scramble out of the way.The driver stopped at a light on Seventh Avenue (Driving on sidewalk, good? Running light, bad?) and was engaged in chat by a construction worker he nearly sideswiped:As the construction guy really was much more articulate and colorful in his rant to the driver than I ever could be, I merely voiced a couple strongly-worded statements to the driver (that I won't print here for my buddies with curse-filters at work), and snapped a couple shots.· Junior's Times Square Already Wreaking Havoc [Eater]
· The extrawack! Prick Du Jour [extrawack]