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Dirty Dealings at 184 Kent?

Riddle us this: How is the scorched Greenpoint Terminal Market connected to Williamsburg's controversial emptied party palace 184 Kent? The answer: money and a politician, duh. OK, not much of a riddle, but in the latest chapter of both sagas, the Daily News reports that the landlords of the two buildings are contributors to Councilman David Yassky's congressional campaign. This, of course, doesn't really mean anything, but it's interesting to note that the City Council had the final say on rejecting 184 Kent's landmarking, and Yassky "was the force behind the nonlandmark vote." As we all know, the vote paved the way for the owners, the Kestenbaum family, to clear out the rental tenants and pursue luxury condo conversion. Oh, and did we mention they're ex-cons? Quite the read!
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