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Keil to Forward Building: You Ain't All That, Girlfriend

Think the wild nightlife, hot restaurants, old-world charm and new-school residences make the Lower East Side?as the kids say?"the shit"? Then you're at odds with veteran Post real estate gossip Braden Keil, who takes a sharp jab at the nabe in his Gimme Shelter column today. Speaking about a press release that calls the converted Forward Building on East Broadway (above) "The Dakota of the Lower East Side," Keil sharpens the knives and fires back:

The release also says that, "after years of delays caused by the unfortunate death of its previous owner ... [the building] has almost sold out in five weeks." Fine, but comparing yourself to the world-renowned grand dame of New York apartment buildings when your building is on the Lower East Side is a little like saying you're the Hamptons of Arkansas.

Ka-pow! No wonder the area is so popular with youthful hipsters. It reminds them of the homes they left behind to move to the big city.
· Gimme Shelter [NYP] [Forward Building photo via Bluejake]