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Advertecture Gives Way to ... More Advertecture

We thought about entering this in the huge Curbed/Municipal Art Society advertecture contest, but, well, that would just be cheating. Plus, we're far too wealthy to fuss over a mere $100 pittance. Anyhoo, East Village enthusiasts will recognize the corner as Fourth Avenue and 13th Street, home to a huge Miami Vice-themed Barcardi ad that was painted on the side of a residential building what seems like a million years ago (but in reality was probably only three or four or something). In a dramatic advertecture twist, a new paintjob is going up. No, not to restore the building to less tacky times, but rather, to pimp a new Crunch gym that's opening down the block! Hooray!
· Curbed Advertecture Corps: Advertecture Overload! [Curbed]