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Toni Schlesinger's Dirty Shelter Secret

In her introduction to Five Flights Up and Other New York Apartment Stories, now out in paperback, Toni Schlesinger?former Village Voice "Shelter" columnist?muses about how it seems the kinds of apartments and other assorted living spaces where she interviewed most of her subjects since the column started in 1997 are slowly being overtaken by glass-tower condos. But during Q&A at her reading last night in the Astor Place Barnes & Noble, someone asked Schlesinger if she ever found herself salivating over the homes she visited, to which she replied not so much, then added somewhat ambivalently that given her druthers, she wouldn't turn down a chance to live in one of Richard Meier's waterfront West Village towers (detail above). If you can suppress your own ambivalence for a few moments, check out the Flickr set of interiors from Meier's metaphors by baobee.
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