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Ask Curbed: What About My View?

[Photo courtesy mortenjust on Flickr]
With all the buildings under construction in Williamsburg, we suspect the tip and question that came in about loss of view (bricking over of windows) at the "Mini-Mall" building at Bedford and North 5th is the first rainshower in a coming deluge. Says the writer:

It’s pretty much hipster central if you’ve ever been anywhere near the building. There is a load of construction going on around us...In addition to the quickly diminishing view from our rooftop...we we will soon be losing the view from our apartment as well. The company that is putting up a new building next to ours on North 5th has just received a clearance to extend their building, requiring that half of the windows in our apartment be taken out and replaced with brick! As renters, do we have any quality-of-life rights to battle this?Between the Finger Building, the Edge development, North8 and all the other residential projects going up that threaten to change, diminish or obscure someone's view, we have complete faith the question will be asked and answered. Repeatedly.
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