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McCarren Pool Morphs Into Concert Venue

[Photo courtesy tangentalism on Flickr]

The High Line has a Bowie curated music fest and, now, long abandoned McCarren Pool in Greenpoint is going to rock out. After bankrolling a $200,000 cleanup of the historic pool for last fall's successful "Agora" dance presentation, Ron Delsner Presents of Clear Channel Communications quietly scored a contract with the Parks Department to produce concerts at McCarren Pool this year. (Stage in the deep end?) Whether this is the first skirmmish in the war over the pool's future, or the end result of the war remains to be seen. Neighborhood groups want the gigantic pool restored to being, well, a pool among other things. (Pricetag: $40 million.)

While some might dig the music under the stars, it remains to be seen how the outdoor concerts and audiences of up to 5,000 play with neighbors (five lux buildings under construction in the immediate area). Brit band Bloc Party is the first show announced. We're all ears.
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