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Eater Tastings: Sacco and the Jones Gang

Inside Parea, home of cured meats, Mezethes, and other Greek phenomena. [Photo by Kalina, 5/9/06.]

More of this week's good dish from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) Breaking news from St. Marks & A, where Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen is reportedly out as of the end of the month.
2) Fun with trademark lawsuits! At the not-too-subtle request of Great Jones Cafe, Jones became Jonez became 41 Greenwich. And it's none too happy about the whole episode.
3) Amy Sacco, of Bungalow 8 and Bette fame, is setting her sights on London. Before she goes, though, she shares some thoughts about getting in to her clubs: "Basically, if you're in the door, you're a VIP." BONUS: Lot 61 in all its exposed glory.

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