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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ratnerville Update: Gehry's Latest Revealed (90 comments)
"This is a joke, right? That thing looks like it's already decaying and in danger of collapse. What is that mass of scaffolding at the point of the triangle?"
2) Development du Jour: 111 Central Park North (54 comments)
"Two million for a two-bedroom in that neighborhood? Are they for real? Don't get me wrong, if they can actually pull off gentrifying the stretch of Lenox below 116th I think it will be a hell of a place to live, but are the sort of people who pay two million dollars for park views really going to be happy about living a couple of blocks down from the King Houses?"
3) Atlantic Yards PM Update: Ratner Calls Experience 'Nightmarish' (35 comments)
"#3 you mean you dont care what emaciated model/actress T. Sahara Meer thinks about development in NYC - you are so closed minded!"
4) Hot Dudes Are Moving to Harlem (29 comments)
"Idiot. Why would anyone move out of the Ansonia? That apartment he's buying sounds very ghetto (in a Hefneresque way) and trashy."