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David Walentas, Champion of 'Inappropriate' Art

Continuing our art theme today, we are ready to officially crown the city's latest champion of the First Amendment, that connoisseur of "watercolor paintings of gay sex," developer David C. Walentas. DW's agreed to house that much-blogged-about homeless Brooklyn College art exhibit that had been evicted from its previous home for not being family-friendly enough. Later this month, it'll be shacking up in 6,000 square feet of empty retail space at that certified Curbed obsession, Dumbo's very own 70 Washington Street. Once an art lover, always an art lover, apparently?luxe condos notwithstanding.
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UPDATE: Who NOT to hire for handling your next move? Brooklyn College, according to the student artists who found some of their works in tatters on Sat., May 13. What would Walentas say?!? [Plan C(ensored) via OnNYTurf]