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Diluting Arad's Waterfalls and Other Memorial Woes

Something we're learning about the whole World Trade Center redevelopment saga? Don't be the first big name out of the gate, because you're almost bound to get trampled in the process. Remember poor Daniel Libeskind and how little today's plan resembles what he wanted? Perhaps WTC memorial designers Michael Arad and Peter Walker will be able to get together for a support group with Danny someday. The Times' David Dunlap sees portentous doom in the phrase "Arad-Walker vision," now that the cost of the project's ballooned beyond the $500 million cap urged by state and city officials. Writes Dunlap: "It is telling that they use the word 'vision,' not 'design.'" Above is a Lower Manhattan Development Corp. pic from last year's full-scale mock-up of the waterfalls, the underground gallery, and the parapets where the names are to be inscribed. Take a good look now: It might not end up like that.
· Cost and Safety Put Memorial's Striking Vision at Risk [NYT]

BONUS: Of the "earth-hogging, morbid and mediocre design," the Post's Steve Cuozzo sez "kill it now, Mike."