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CPW Townhouse Teeters in Uncertainty

An interesting development in the case of 249 Central Park West, a former Curbed BuildingSpotter from not too long ago. An eyewitness strolled by and noticed something afoot:

249 CPW, on the southwest corner of 85th and CPW used to have a "for sale" sign out front...and now it is gone. I wonder if it was sold or just pulled off the market? The owners space looks huge, but anyone walking down 85th St. can see right into the apartment, which must seem a little strange from inside. I saw the same Bentley parked outside of the building twice -- I wonder if they were looking at the house?The Elliman listing (cached here) is gone from the Interweb, which makes us think it wasn't sold. You know they're not going to hold themselves back from applying the huge "SOLD" stamp, if that was the case. Sure we could just email the broker and ask for clarification, but dude, it's Friday.
· Curbed BuildingSpotter Answers: For Sale on CPW [Curbed]
· BONUS READING: Streetscapes: 249 Central Park West [NYTimes] UPDATE: Avid commenter babs sez it was sold for $15 million, the latest asking price, at the end of last month, but no buyer info's up yet on ACRIS.