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J Condo: Selling, On Time?

We haven't heard much from Dumbo's J Condo in a while, at least nothing major since they won over our hearts and minds by bribing us with sweets. Luckily, a reader filed this detailed report on the development:

Owners this week received an announcement that the Manhattan-bridge-adjacent Dumbo tower, now pouring the 12th of 32 floors, has achieved the 80% sold marker. They also report that the construction is "on schedule" and that "the original timeline is still late spring to early summer for lower floor closings." In fact, this is the first we're hearing the word "summer," it was always until now just "spring," but, no biggie, we expected slippage, the question is really how much. The nabe continues to evolve, with a new coffee bar open across the street from the J-to-be, and a Powerhouse books going in to a huge space on the corner of Main and Water.Well, that was actually really informative and complete. So, uh, this is where we usually add the punchline, but ... hmmm. Uh, haha they have chocolates!
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