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Murray Hill Residents Turn Out Against New Bar

An update on the continuing saga of Tonic East, the new Murray Hill bar formerly known as Sam's Noodle Shop. Back in March we reported that neighbors were less than pleased with this new addition to the Murray Hill bar scene. The Real Estate provides further proof:

Residents of Chesapeake House, at 201 East 28th Street, turned out at last night's Community Board 6 meeting to protest against a proposed liquor license for Tonic East...neighbors were concerned about noise problems. The board sided with the neighbors, and recommended that the State Liquor Authority deny the club's owners a license; whether the S.L.A. heeds the board's advice is anyone's guess, though, as the authority in the past has been unmoved by neighborly concerns. This stretch of 3rd Avenue needs another sports bar as much as a girl living in the Windsor Court needs another $500 purse. Needless to say, we'll be keeping a close eye as this situation continues.
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