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Ask Curbed: My Landlord is Nuts. Can I Get My Money Back from the Broker?

How many New Yorkers deal with, um, interesting and/or quirky or just-plain-flat-out-bonkers landlords? The reader who wrote to relate his tale of woe with a (reportedly) nut job Brooklyn landlord caught our attention. Writes the reader:

I enlisted a broker to help me find an apartment in Brooklyn and settled on the parlor floor of a brownstone with the owner living in a duplex below. The broker described the landlord to me as a bit eccentric, which he was when I met him. He kept on saying stuff about how it was important "to get a good vibe" and asked me if I had any problem with him keeping cats or smoking "liquor cigarettes." What the broker failed to mention to me was that this guy is full on nuts. Why am I sure that he knew this? Because he was friends with the prior tenants who were moving out!The reader details shouting matches, his alleged campaign to drive the landlord crazy by hosting imaginary parties, another tenant (who also paid a fee, but to a different broker) having the same problems and so much more. He says, "I've tried to deal with this and probably let it go on too long, but how can we get our money back from our respective brokers?" Anyone with thoughts, other than, the bit about "liquor cigarettes" should have been your first tip off?
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