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Psychogeography Twofer: WSP, UWS

A pair of items on city neighborhoods and the memories associated with them:

1) Washington Square Park: From graphic designer Alexis Lloyd comes My Washington Square (sample entry above), one of those new-fangled "experience-mapping" projects where big events (like public hangings in the 1800s) can easily share space on the map with smaller but no less memorable events (like successfully picking up an NYU student who liked Woody Allen movies and German philosophers in 1983). Drag that orange circle to your own special corner of the park, and write about the time you tried (unsuccessfully) to get Allen Ginsberg to recite "America," while standing on his head and drinking a glass of water. Go on, we believe you. [My Washington Square]

2) Upper West Side: Meet Brian Gari, a lifelong UWSer who somewhat touchingly can't seem to appreciate old movies ("I hardly pay attention to the stories") until he knows exactly where they were filmed in his neighborhood. Such as that 1963 episode of "Naked City," where you can catch a reflection of lingerie standby Town Shop in the window across the street. No joke! Still, with all that aging celluloid and "40 years' worth of old directories" sitting around Gari's apartment on West End near 92nd, somebody oughta tell the FDNY they might have a fire hazard on their hands up there. [NYT/CitySection]