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It Happened One Weekend: Naughty Pillow Talk

1) In one of those fun little stories where a bunch of brokers are interviewed about their clients' shenanigans, many of them open up about the things they pick up on while working with couples: "The couples who have a great sex life are the ones who want the wall where their bed is to be away from the children's rooms." Then there's the coolest man ever, pictured at right. [My Broker, My Therapist/Teri Karush Rogers]
2) The interesting tale of how a family wound up in a newly renovated Red Hook townhouse for $500,000, interesting because you know it's only a Fairway and some cruise ships away from being worth $2 million more. [Habitats/Stephen P. Williams]
3) The people featured in the Hunt are usually so nice and apologetic, so it's good to see this week's subjects acting like regular New Yorkers searching for a bargain rental. After seeing a place on Lefferts Place in Clinton Hill, a couple passed by the apartment again, only to find another couple in the yard: "They were younger than us, in their mid-20's, and we thought: 'They don't deserve to live here. They haven't suffered enough.'" [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]
4) Is Sex & The City the reason behind the new development pool boom? [Posting/Stephanie Rosenbloom]
5) Is the desire to make tons of money the reason behind the new development pool boom? [Condo Market Takes a Dip/S. Jhoanna Robledo]
6) What kind of people would name their business organization the "Trump Group" when they have no connection to Donald Trump? The same who would build something called "Luxuria." Ah, Boca. [Hot Sexy Runway Models/Roberta Bernstein]