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Brooklyn Development Goes Reggae

It’s not often we get the chance to write about music, but we can be convinced when the music in question touches on Brooklyn development and gentrification. A tipster, who must have known we were behind on our downloading, suggested a tune called "Ascension Street" on the new CD "Enemies Like This" from Brooklyn dance-punkers Radio 4 that's out today. Entertainment Weekly describes the track as "the first reggae song written about gentrification in Brooklyn." The band’s own description says, "We’re talking about gentrification and the arrival of corporate greed (i.e Bruce Ratner) in Brooklyn and how we need a 'freaky utopia' for everyone to go—artists, musicians, DJs, party people… the more the merrier." How much per square foot is a freaky utopia? We await punky Brooklyn angst about 184 Kent and the incineration of the Greenpoint Terminal Market.
· Review of Enemies Like This [Entertainment Weekly]