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WTC Chaos Update: The Face of the Base

Speaking of the Post's Steve Cuozzo, he drops a tantalizing tidbit today about the Freedom Tower design: that horrifying fortified metal base, seen above in a rendering from last year (more views here), won't be metal on the outside after all. Instead, it'll be covered in glass. Sez an "insider": "Very interesting glass too - not flat planes, but rolled and sculpted. It won't look like the rest of the building. The protective barrier will be behind it." Well, it was inevitable. So many jokes we won't be making...
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DEUTSCHE DECONSTRUCTION BONUS: An anonymous tipster (our favorite kind!) sends along what appears to be a LMDC memo about ongoing irregularities with the endless demolition of the Deutsche Bank tower at 130 Liberty Street. It's not all grim news, though, because there's this: "The coin vault, located below ground level, has been cleaned and is ready for demolition. " Click through for the full memo text.

Following is an update on the 130 Liberty St. Deconstruction Project: Regulator Inspections

LMDC learned late last week that during an inspection of the site, the New York State Department of Labor discovered a violation of the deconstruction plan protocols in one area of the building. The LMDC immediately met with top level representatives of the contractors and reiterated that we expect all work to be completed in strict accordance with the deconstruction plan. LMDC insisted that the contractors determine how the violation was able to occur, and as a result the contractor quickly made changes to enhance their work and oversight procedures.

On Friday, inspectors again visited the site. While they recognized significant improvement, they still had some concerns about some of the materials being removed from the building. Sharing their concern that work proceed in a way that is safe for both the workers and the surrounding community, we voluntarily stopped removing material from the building until the issues could be discussed in more detail with the regulators.

Today, we had positive meetings with the EPA both on and off site, including discussions regarding the precise standards for removing cleaned materials from the building. We have asked the regulators to increase their participation in the direct oversight of abatement work in order to ensure that our contractors are fully in compliance with the approved deconstruction plan. Abatement work will continue inside of the building and we expect to resume removal of cleaned materials soon.

Work Progress

The coin vault, located below ground level, has been cleaned and is ready for demolition. The process for certifying the vault as clean included an inspection by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, as well as the use of aggressive air sampling techniques. An application for a demolition permit for the vault has been filed with the Department of Buildings and the other regulatory agencies, and last week we received comments back from the regulators. We are now in the process of responding to their comments and questions and hope to receive a demolition permit shortly. The demolition of the vault will enable us to proceed with the installation of a tower crane.


As has been announced previously, part of our efforts to ensure that the community remains informed about the project and any incidents at the site, the LMDC has provided funding to the Battery Park City/Downtown Community Emergency Response Team to enhance their communication and emergency response capabilities. They recently received equipment that will help them with their efforts, including two-way radios that will be distributed to building representatives in the 130 Liberty St. area. The CERT will also be setting up information tables in the 130 Liberty St. area to provide information about the project and to answer questions. If you are interested in joining the CERT or learning more about their activities regarding the 130 Liberty St. project, please contact [email redacted].

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