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East Harlem School Could Be Your Boxy Glass Dream

It is the dream of every decent architect: to attach a giant, towering glass appendage to the public school architecture of yore. Consider the above left sketch by BKSK Architects for a former East Harlem public school at First Avenue and 117th Street; Steve Cuozzo reports that Massey Knakal is offering the site (and, presumably, this roughed-out rendering) for a slick $14.5 million. It bears a certain resemblance to the unbuilt plan for the MiniMegaDorm at the CHARAS/El Bohio site on Avenue B and 9th Street (above right). Frankly, we have no idea what this means or portends, but there you go.
· Public School Development Site [NYPost, 3rd item, via Bagel in Harlem]
· The Grinch Who Stole CHARAS [Curbed]

UPDATE: Just a block down from the public school site, a tipster sends along this email: "Can we get some more information about that new dunkin donuts in SpaHa (spanish harlem) on 116th and First Avenue....????" We hear the Coolatas are terrific. Anyone got more?