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On the Market: 777 Washington Street

A massive 20,000-square-foot corner building in the far West Village that appears to be owned by the photographer Albert Watson is on the market. It's at 777 Washington Street, at the corner of Jane, zoned for living and/or working, and initially had our tipster thinking it was part of Industria Superstudio. The current configuration has the first two floors devoted to photography studios, but the third floor and penthouse with terrace and roof deck feature four bedrooms, a gym, library, conservatory, and a "French fireplace transported from a chateau in the Loire valley," dating back to either the 17th or the 18th century depending on whom you ask. We haven't actually counted them all, but the Times listing claims the modest home has 31 rooms, which would put the price-per-room at more than a million, since the asking price is $35 million.
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