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Minton's Playhouse Ready to Bebop Again

How to get around the whole 200 feet from a school or church issue featured on Shark Bites earlier this month? "Get grandfathered in," cries the blogger behind Harlem Fur, by way of directing our attention to this week's jazziest opening:

Deep in the [Property Shark] Harlem blue zone on 118th Street, just down from St. Thomas the Apostle, the legendary Minton's Playhouse, birthplace of Be-Bop, is set to reopen this Friday, and the bar is stocked.All the greats used to play here: Dizzy, Basie, Bird, Monk, Duke, Billie Holliday, Benny Goodman. Harlem Fur says this is the latest attempt at resurrecting the storied night spot since the original club closed in 1974. Will the latest impresario?Earl Spain, owner of the Cecil Hotel at 118th and St. Nick, where the club is located?succeed where in the past Bobby De Niro and friends failed? Stick around for the next set to find out.
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