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Zombie D'Agostino Rises from Dead, Hungers for Brains

As it turns out, the D'Agostino supermarket on University Place?left dead and buried by Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and even its property managing agent?is not going anywhere. Looks like it was just a case of some hardball being played. The man in charge sent this update:

After months of trying to get them to renew their lease, they have finally agreed to do so (after initially not responding to -numerous- offers from us to do so.) So, they will be there for a few more years after-all. "For rent" sign to come down in the next couple of days.So we'll assume that the other D'ag closings are just the landlords applying some pressure. Or, you know, not.
· D'Agostino a Casualty of Union Square Grocery Wars? [Curbed]