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Red Hook Fairway Update: Live from the Aisles

More from the day's epochal event, the opening of the Red Hook Fairway...

1) Pace Callalillie, two more excellent Flickr photosets from inside and outside the store. Don't miss this snap of firemen beef. [Flickr/scardeykat; Flickr/davidprince]
2) But photos? So this morning. This afternoon, we're all about this hot live video from the (rather uncrowded, we must say) Fairway aisles sent along by an alert Curbed reader who notes, "This is the third major supermarket opening I've been to in my life - always a good time." [, QuickTime required]
3) The Observer's on the scene too, blogging the goings-on: "Adding to the festivities was a marching band. Sitting band, that is. Nevertheless, it was kind of cute." Click through for more pix. [The Real Estate, Part II]
4) Uh, so much for it looking uncrowded. Says Amy Langfield, "It's huge. It's crowded. And parking is already impossible. There was a band, free hot dogs, and more shoppers than there are people living in Red Hook... When I finally got to the checkout line before noon, the guy behind me spent the next 20 minutes complaining that the store's too big and the lines too long." Four hours in, the honeymoon's already over. [Amy's New York Notebook]

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