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Red Hook's 160 Imlay Up for Sale

Just a huge news day in the far wilds of Red Hook. While we wait for the first interior shots of the just-opening Red Hook Fairway to hit the net, the Post's Lois Weiss unpins this grenade: Red Hook's 160 Imlay, the waterfront- warehouse-cum-condo- development-cum-eerie- breezy-hulk (above, photographed in February by emilygeoff via the Curbed Photo Pool) is on the market. Together, 160 and 162 Imlay carry a joint asking tag somewhere north of $70 million. Marketing is by Eastern Consolidated Properties; no word yet about the twin Imlays on its website.
· Two Red Hook Warehouses for $70m [NYPost, last item]
· Hungry Guard Dogs at 160 Imlay [Curbed]

UPDATE: Notes a commenter, "Whatever the case, NYSun mentions that Batkin paid a total of just over $20 million for both properties back in 2000, so selling them now for a combined $70 million, even after whatever he has put in to construction already, will still net him tens of millions of profit, easily more than doubling his initial investment. Hm. So many loose ends, open questions here."