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Revenge of 184 Kent: Stop Yassky Blog

It would appear that Councilman David Yassky, a prominent figure in various Brooklyn development battles (184 Kent) who is running for the seat of retiring Rep. Major Owens, is attracting dedicated opponents. Asking, "Cris de coeur or call to arms?" reports a new website, It is calling itself an anti-Yassky blog dedicated to, well, Anybody But Yassky. The anti-Yasskyites have thrown up articles on everything from campaign cash to racial politics. Among the nuggets in the introductory anti-Yassky platform:

David Yassky is currently the City Councilman for the 33rd District. Why should he be stopped? Just for starters, David Yassky is funded primarily by GREEDY DEVELOPERS. Yassky cannot MAKE UP HIS MIND ON KEY ISSUES. Yassky is a caucasian candidate running in a VOTING RIGHTS DISTRICT.Going to get ugly, we think.
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