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BREAKING: T-Minus 30 Minutes to Red Hook Fairway

The day has finally arrived, a day the likes of which New York City has not seen since March 17, 2006. It is opening day at the Red Hook Fairway. Neighborhood blogger Alexis Robie sets the stage:

This is an enormous day for Red Hook. Fairway opens. For nearly six years, I have heard the arguments for and against this store. I went to community meetings and had late night chats at Sonny's about development and traffic. I spoke to longtime residents who said it's about time. I spoke to teenagers who now have their first jobs. I watched as the old sleeping bricks at the end of Van Brunt were eased awake with a tenderness that all our architectural treasures deserve. True, the structure was not adapted for maritime use. True, the process was plagued with questionable practices on both sides. But let us Red Hook residents give thanks that it is not a gigantic blue and yellow pimple on our glorious waterfront, but a resource for the community in terms of smart preservation, good jobs, and urgently needed fresh food.

On the scene, snapping the above photo (and a bunch more) is his partner in crime, Callalillie, who promises interior shots just as soon as they let everyone inside. Meantime, in the parking lot: "People are already showing up with their granny carts." Reports from the scene welcome to
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