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An Apology to the Citizens of Third Avenue

Yesterday, in an entry titled Rumblings & Bumblings: Looks Like a Mid-Rise!, we referred to the area between 27th and 28th Streets on Third Avenue as "Gramurray." What we didn't know is that we should have referred to it by a different name, because people do not want to be associated with Murray Hill in any way, shape or form:

I noticed you referred to the area below Murray Hill/above Gramery as "Gramurray." While I do like that name, about 5 years ago I actually came up with a name for that area when I noticed it was the only section on the NYC map posted in the back of taxicabs that didn't have a name or color (it's just a sad, bland gray!). I called it "No Mercy" (as in North Gramercy). I mean, who really wants to admit they live in/near Murray Hill anyway? Gramurray is cute, but No Mercy is a little more… kick ass?
Curbed regrets the error.
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