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Planning a Channel Into Yorkville's Channel Club

An intrepid correspondent from Yorkville reports that plans for a long-vacant townhouse near the corner of 86th and York have been revealed! (Rendering above, existing shot after the jump.)

Despite some fits and starts over the past few years, it appears that a partner in Terra Holdings has purchased the property to live in, adjacent to the Channel Club. The SRO, pictured, will have its entrance through the adjacent Channel Club building. It looks quite nice and modern, and all those windows will look down the block to Carl Schurz Park. Needless to say, Halstead Property Management Co. (owned by Terra Holdings) will be taking over management of the Channel Club starting June 1. My question for commenters: Are you aware of other buildings that have been joined into an existing condo/co-op?Why bother with a "virtual doorman," when you can borrow someone else's?