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More UWS Upzoning: 808 Columbus Eyes 29 Stories

With the upper Upper West Side already awaiting the completion of Extell's twin Ariel West and Ariel East developments on Broadway and 99th, folks over on Columbus Avenue have their own megaproject to celebrate. A Curbed correspondent reports:

Community Board 7 is up in arms over a proposal to develop a 29-story residential tower with commercial space fronting Columbus Ave. The site in question sits on the super-block between 97th and 100th St that used to be occupied by several commercial vendors, including a recently closed C-Town on the corner of 100th and Columbus. The site is being developed by the beloved Extell, and is being fought by all the usual suspects, including residents of Park West Village. Last night Community Board 7's 97th-110th St Task Force approved a draft resolution that would rezone Extell's proposed with a height-ceiling to prevent proliferation of 808 Columbus Aves - but since that site is being developed as is, there's nothing the Community Board of the City Planning Commission can do to stop 808.

No word yet on the Stop Extell blog, nor renderings of 808 Columbus, though Crain's has a few details about the commercial space. Anyone know more?
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