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Here Comes....Brooklyn's "Riviera"

[Photo courtesy journeywood on Flickr]

When we caught wind of “The Riviera” in Brooklyn, we wondered if it was a new luxe development on the Williamsburg waterfront or an attempt to re-brand Gowanus. Wrong. Turns out “The Riviera” is in Gerritsen Beach, which only goes to show that the Brooklyn development boom is spreading to far flung corners. (Even the tipster that sent the item was confused, at first saying it's near Sunset Park. Actually, Gerritsen Beach is east of Sheepshead Bay, which, in turn, is east of Coney Island, give or take. Put another way: you might have driven past it on the Belt Parkway on your way to JFK.)

In any case, SSJ Development is building the 52-home luxury Gerritsen Beach development, which comes with docks and a waterside pool. The SSJ in the company is Stephan S. Jemal, a co-founder of the defunct Wiz electronics chain. One thing that doesn’t change with the scenery: neighbors are grumbling about The Riviera. SSJ wants to spread “The Riviera” brand far and wide in Brooklyn.
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