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Inside the Apple Store (Really!)

The cube cometh! The new Apple store may not be open to the public until tomorrow, but we got a sneak peek at this morning's press preview. Behold! Comments: looked kind of small, but the Apple retail chief dude said it was actually more square-feet than the Soho location. There's 45 feet of Genius Bar action, and 96 dedicated Geniuses, so hopefully that'll reduce some of the strain on the Soho spot. The store (and Genius Bar) will be open friggin' 24 hours a day, perfect for your drunken 4 a.m. Macbook cravings. They alluded to "surprises" tomorrow at 6 p.m. out on the plaza (where there is now free Wi-Fi), when the store officially opens. You have been warned.

Apologies for the crappy cam-phone shots, of which there are several after the jump.

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