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Curbed Readers Write: How Much for That High Line in the Window?

Cleaning the inbox, miscellaneous correspondence from Curbed readers that we didn't want to leave you without. Because we care.

1) "High Line model on display! It's in the window of Carlos Miele on West 14th Street (above) for the weekend as part of Meatpacking District Design Week."
2) "anyone know why so many apartments in lincoln towers on the upper west side are for sale? i know it's a large development but all the listings on (and the price reductions) give the impression there's an exodus going on."
3) "Question. More Starbucks or Churches in Manhattan?" [Here's one starting point.—ed]
4) "I'm in the hunt for a new condo. I look in all the usual places: Bluer east side, Dumbo, Financial District, Chelsea, and everywhere in between. I also like booze. Every now and again I get invited to a condo launch party (most recently the Cocoa Exchange in the financial district) and I kill to birds with one stone: drink and see condos. But the invites are few and far between. Do you know if there are any website(s) that I could visit that would give me the run down on the latest condo launch party scene. I've never been to a Shvopening and I think I'm missing out. Any leads would be much appreciated." [To our knowledge, no such resource exist, but we're happy to pick up the slack. Let's get a party calendar going. Drop a line with intel.—ed]