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Just the Facts, Ma'am, at 70th and West End

We were going to sit on this one until next week, but then you wouldn't have the weekend to make your protest posters. The site on the east side of West End Avenue between West 69th and 70th, a previous Rumblings topic, is getting a new arrival Monday, according to e-flashes from Coalition for a Livable West Side. To the rundown:

27 story condominium.
270 feet in height.
191 condos.

76-car parking garage
Garage is as-of-right.
Curb cut already permitted.
No public review.
27,000 sq ft of retail space.
Total of 210,213 sq. ft.
Bovis is the contractor.
A previous missive mentioned "Clarett Capital LLC, Prudential Real Estate Investors and ING/Clarion" as behind the project, and said "Coalition believes the project will have to come before the City Planning Commission and Community Board 7 because of the inclusion of the parking garage." No word on whether that fight is still on. As for the renderings, they were unfortunately swept away by the hailstorm outside.

BONUS: A commenter does the second-grade math on the numbers above and smells something fishy: 270 feet divided by 27 floors equals not much headroom, etc. Of course, this may just be another case of developers' missing-floors syndrome (i.e., count from the top).