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Storefronting: Kate's Paperie Out on Broadway

Three Storefrontings in three days? Curbed's new feature on how the evolving retail scene affects neighborhoods just won't be stopped! Got something for us? Hit the tipline.

1) Soho: Longtime Broadway stalwart Kate's Paperie is packing up shop and moving around the corner to Spring and Crosby, zesty new NYC retail blog The Shophound reports. As Kate's moves out, make way for—Mango! [The Shophound; Official Site]
2) East Village: Here's a great story about why the East Village doesn't have Soho's big box issues: "Welcome to the East Village, a modern-day real estate anomaly, virtually untouched by the astronomical rents and multiplying mass merchandisers that have afflicted neighborhoods from Harlem to SoHo in recent years." [Crain's via Polis]
3) Chelsea: A Curbed reader sends along this drug-addled report: "On west 23rd St. - above the Broadmoor (between 7th and 8th Aves.) - a new Duane Reade will open up in half of the space once occupied by the recently departed D'Agostinos. So we get yet another national drug store in a nabe already lousy with 'em. Within a block or so of this new Duane Reade, there's a CVS,
two Rite-Aids, an Eckerds, and New London Pharmacy. Are banks and national drug store chains the the only folks who can afford Chelsea retail rents anymore?"
4) Chelsea: Speaking of Chelsea, here's useful strategy for Chelsea residents to enjoy the delights of Red Hook's new Fairway. Land ho! [BlogChelsea]
5) Midtown East: We're t-minus four hours to the official opening of the Fifth Avenue Apple Cube—and the surprise performance by a rock group Curbed commenters figure might be the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Expect some serious Steve Jobbage, too. [Curbed; endless Flickr pix]