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Fizzbow Fever Becomes Epidemic at 29 Tiffany Pl.

Regular readers of Curbed, and lovers of the Fizzbow way, should be getting mighty familiar with this entranceway in Brooklyn's Columbia Street Waterfront (aka Cobble Hill West), after not one but two units went the for-sale-by-owner route. Now, a tipster directs us to this NYT real estate listing, where ... wait for it ... a third unit in the building at 29 Tiffany Place is singing that "No Brokers Please!" tune. No DIY website yet for Apt. 3F, but you've got the basic details: 700 square feet, one bedroom, one bath, four rooms overall. Asking price: $475,000. What do they put in the water down at Ariana Condominium that makes all the residents so independent minded?!?
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