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Development Du Jour: 100 Luquer Street

The great Daily News rat infestation article made passing reference to an 11-story building at 100 Luquer Street in Carroll Gardens that's currently under construction. We forgot about it until now, but there it is above, in all its rendered glory from the Karl Fischer Architect website. And you know what? These Development Du Jour posts are always so time consuming, so let's just hand off the reins to an involved reader and his annotated email:

It's an eleven story building! How the flippin' heck does anyone get permission to build this!! WTF is going on at a city planning level to get this through? And did they forget to draw in the BQE? Now, I know that this location is the ass-crack of Carroll Gardens, and its practically on top of the elevated BQE, but this is crazy. OK, so its almost Red Hook, and we all know that Red Hook is so freakin' hot right now that people just wanna be close enough to touch it, but I can just hear the neighbors now. First it's gentrification, and all those hipster kids. Then, the chain stores, putting the Mom and Pop stores out of business. Now this. Jees.

If they built this by the Gowanus I would say, bravo, its part of rejuvenating the area, and encouraging a new community of residents and businesses. But to put it up in a neighborhood were all the other buildings around are only four or five story's - well that's city planning at it's worst.

So, uh, see you at the sales office?
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