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Ikea Red Hook Update: I Want My, I Want My I-TV!

You didn't have anything planned for the next two minutes and 40 seconds, did you? Then follow the lead of The Real Estate and that commenter over at Amy's New York Notebook and float away to a magical dreamland where the waterfront cranes are practically waving the Swedish flag and Dire Straits' "Walk of Life" is still spinning on your blonde-wood fiberboard hi-fi center. The folks at Ikea have prepared an animated fly-by (screen shot above) to gently acclimate Red Hookers to the 22-acre sight of all that blue and yellow. Plus, master stroke on the music. Custom kitchen deliva-ray-ray-ries ... anyone?
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UPDATE: Looks like Ikea up and took down the whole site. Oh, well. We'll always have the memories.