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New Development Website Review: North8

The bare-bones website for the Toll Brothers' Williamsburg development is up and running, previously announced to be a 40-unit, six-townhouse affair. Here's what a tipster had to say about her new neighbor's Web presence:

There's nothing too juicy on it - just an artist's rendering, a $500k estimate for starting price, and an inquiry email form. Most disappointing of all is the name "North 8." They're ruining my view and a number of others on the block and they couldn't even muster some pretentiously grandiose moniker for the project. I would have settled for proper grammar.Oh, reader. Even though there's not much doing here, this site represents a sudden, huge shift in the marketing of the 'Burg. Up until now, it was all art this, culture that. But check out that tagline in the Flash intro: "Williamsburg. All grown up. Shouldn't your apartment be too?" Yep, we've finally made it: the post-hipster Williamsburg slogan. We've finally reached the end.
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