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181 Sullivan Street Update: Fifth Fantastik Unit!

When last we checked in with the condo conversion at the former Sullivan Street Playhouse at No. 181, we were eyeing the very Schrager-esque renderings. The marketing website still touts "four fantastic" condos, but we've since learned that like that airplane maker and its standing-room-only proposal, they've managed to squeeze in another unit for a fantastik total of five!

The ground floor and basement will comprise a 1,970-square-foot duplex with 2.5 baths and a private 600sf yard out back, which can be seen in the Sims-like rear-view rendering after the jump. The four upstairs units will be 1,530sf two-bed, two-bath jobs, and the top floor unit gets private roof access. Plus, residents can imagine themselves exchanging fantastik virtual small talk with one of those "virtual doormen." All this and the photos were gleaned from a Triumph press release not quite fantastik enough as to feature pricing details. (Yes, it's near unto impossible for us to post about this property without alluding to The Fantastiks.)

· 181 Sullivan's Gramercy Park Fetish [Curbed]