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Curbed PriceChopper: Choppin' in the Kitchen

On Friday, a tipster alerted us to rampant PriceChopping of apartments for sale at the Upper West Side's Lincoln Towers development. (One cheery explanation, from a commenter: "A lot of the old folks who were the original occupants when they first built are simply dying off." Ah, okay then.)

However, that same excuse won't fly at Clinton West, that new development w/putting green that caught the eye of another alert Curbed reader: "What's going on over at 516 West 47th? Fully 13 out of 20 listings have been chopped in the last few weeks. I thought the Kitchen was supposedly cooking these days?" Check the Natefind carnage for yourself. (Bonus: one Elliman listing emphasizes, "PRICED FOR QUICK SALE!!!!") Even more intriguingly, this place spawned Curbed coverage last summer with a broker claiming the place had "completely sold out." Theories?
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