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New Apartment, Flat Screen TV Not Included. Yet.

The crew over at UrbanDigs gets worked up over non-negotiable asking prices for new apartments, and speculates on the future of possible purchase incentives:

Why are new development properties special in the sense that buyers can't submit a bid and get a response to move a unit? I'm not saying that these new buildings aren't gorgeous and worth every penny, I'm just saying that the # of buyers out there that can afford to pay $1,300+ a square foot in NYC are dwindling as the housing market cools. There certainly isn't a frenzy to buy these products, so I would expect developers to offer incentives first before lowering any asking prices or accepting lower offers.
Suggested incentive: Flat screen TVs.

BONUS: Included in the post is a list of about 50 new Manhattan developments, broken down by neighborhood. Now get out there and negotiate!
· New Devs: No Negotiations For You! [UrbanDigs]